Women in Technology in Nigeria(WITIN) is a non-profit organization that empowers  Nigerian women and girls socio-economically through technology. Founded by Mrs Martha Omoekpen Alade since 2002 and registered in Nigeria 2009; WITIN has positively transformed the livelihoods of Women in the country, including those in the grassroots via interventions like GWEITShe Will Connect and currently via capacity building programs for technical women and owners of SMEs.  Also,WITIN’s conferences and workshops are indispensable avenues for networking amongst women.

WITIN is in special consultative status with the United Nations and has partnered with the ITU , pioneering Tech Needs Girls and Girls in ICT outreaches since 2012 and was recognized by the ITU  amongst global laureates. In 2013, WITIN was awarded an official Tech Needs Girls Partnership with the ITU  winning the TechNeedGirls Prize along  Intel and Cisco.  Also for girls, WITIN is launching a girls in ICT/STEAM movie, an annual National contest as well as STEAM summer camps.

As choosing and retaining careers in STEM by girls remains crucial to National development, WITIN continues to work with teachers to meet this goal, while sensitizing and creating awareness amongst parents, especially in the area of Cybersecurity and Child Online Protection.

WITIN, through her programmes, has built international and local partnerships; and has partnered with credible organizations like Intel, The ITU, USAID, Google, Etisalat, MTN, Ministry of Communications, the NCC amongst others. WITIN has presence in the 36 states of the federation and the FCT, with over 30,000 active women in her network.