Empowering a woman entails lifting her sustainably out of poverty by equipping her with the tools and resources she needs to be sustainably socio-economically self dependent. The One Woman campaign is a call to action to tackle poverty heads-on by lifting just one woman out of poverty. This is in line with the Sustainable Development Goal 1: End poverty in all its forms everywhere.

Our current programs for women include:

  • Boosting smallĀ  businesses owned by women via technology
  • Skill acquisition and capacity building programs for technical women
  • Workshops for women

Past programs include:

Small business owners

Empower a woman running a small business with latest technologies to help boost her revenue.Implementation: Minimum of 20 women per batch within Lagos, 50 women outside Lagos<


Technical Women

Empower a fresh graduate technically to help boost her revenue with intensive hands on capacity building program + life-time mentoring and networking. Implementation: Minimum of 20 women per batch within Lagos, 50 women outside Lagos. Below are the specializations:

1.Collaboration – Version Control, Multi-user projects/contracts implementation

2.Programming 3E(Effortlessly, Efficiently and Effectively)

3.Advanced Database Development and Administration(Open Source)

4.Cyber/IT security

5.Data Science and Analytics/Business Intelligence Analyst

6.Machine learning and AI

7.Digital Arts(Video editing, Drawing and Animation)

8.Digital Advertising Specialist

9.Web Development (Advanced)

10.UX Designer