About Us

Women in Technology in Nigeria(WITIN) is one of the world’s Largest and Leading Community of Women in Tech.   A registered non-profit organization and association, dedicated to the advancement of women and girls. WITIN fosters opportunities in tech; promotes tech leadership, digital skills and entrepreneurship initiatives  and  advocates gender equity reforms for women and girls;  WITIN  also showcases the amazing women in the tech ecosystem as role model for girls while working closely with educators to bridge the leaky pipeline in STEAM(Science Technology Engineering Arts and Maths).  WITIN achieves these goals through partnerships, sponsorships  and projects by curating programs, hosting WITIN  events and nurturing a very strong community of women and girls in technology within Nigeria, Africa and beyond. WITIN was incepted in 2002, registered in 2009 and founded by Martha Omoekpen Alade.

Who We are
A purposeful community of women of diverse background  comprising  C-suite executives , founders, CEOs, women business owners, developers, designers, UX/UI Designer, researchers, mathematicians, journalists, STEM educators  and wide range of professions.

WITIN’s community is transparent and membership is completely free. Women generally fall into any of the broad categories below:

+Campus: Women From 1st year to PhD in higher institutions; getting more women to major in tech related careers, special interest groups bootcamps
+Early-Career: Fresh and recent graduates with working experience of not more that 7 years
+Returnees: Women returning back to the workforce after break in career . Returning programs
+Incomers: Women joining tech workforce from non-tech related fields
+Entrepreneurs: Women with start-ups and small businesses who are passionate about leveraging tech to scale and thrive
+Seniors : Women founders, CEOs and C-Suite with at least 15 years working experience
+Rural: Foster job creation and revenues in local communities for women and girls through WITIN programs
+Volunteers and Interns: Women under 30 working with WITIN for free or for stipends to gain work experience and training
+STEM Educators: School owners and teachers of STEM and related subjects.
+Mid-Career: women who have moved from entry-level with 7-15 years working experience
+Youths: Entrepreneurship and job opportunities for young people with focus on digital skills and small businesses
+Men: Our #HeforShe movement – Men supporting and advocating for women to succeed