The Environment

WITIN sensitizes the public on  responsible and sustainable practices to preserve the environment. Her project employs low-cost and environmental teaching resources such as open source softwares and use of discarded computers to educate children in slums, rural and remote communities. Re-use of old computers for hardware classes greatly reduces e-wastes which are dangerous to the environment;  saving carbon emission and energy

E-Waste Teaching aids for schools

Every system in the world must have “sustainability by design”. This 2020  e-Waste Hardware-Showpiece serves as excellent teaching and systems design model to be proposed to governments for  realization of the SDGs, as follows:
[SDG1,2]- poor people earn revenue from ewaste collection
[SDG3,6]- Harmful tonnes of wastes removed from environment
[SDG4]- Education of kids on ICT foundation, equality, inclusion, climate change and “sustainability by design”
[SDG5,8]-jobs for artists; showing gender equality
[SDG 10,11,12,13,14,15].  

The video below (starting at 2:43) shows our 2012 advocacy video on saving the environment and going green

EWaste dump