Girls in ICT Day 2020 Events and Celebrations

Women in Technology in Nigeria(WITIN) targets 5000 girls in Nigeria  from ages 9-18 for Girls in ICT 2020 interventions.  Girls are selected mostly from public schools and underserved communities. Via our teachers.Ng train the trainers network, girls would have hands-on face-to-face  digital skills workshops from April 23, 2020 on:

Leadership Skills
Mobile-Apps Application
Video and Digital Story Telling
Online Safety
Computational and Critical Thinking
Robotics and AI

After the training, teachers would continue to mentor girls, guiding them to pick careers in STEM. Selected girls would also be given opportunities to intern.

Selected schools would also have open days at ICT companies/Government agencies/Universities  as well as ​ICT career fairs

WITIN has started Girls in ICT sensitizations and campaigns in Schools with digital skills workshops for teachers and trainers, emphasizing their roles as key stakeholders & role models in bringing more Girls in ICT as preparation starts in earnest for our 2020 Girls in ICT Day Events