GWEIT – Grassroots Women Empowerment Through ICT

GWEIT was launched in 2011 by WITIN to give online presence to digitally excluded  women who  own small  informal businesses .  The platform was provided by Google.  All businesses are still online  even after discontinuation of website service.  See GWEIT Blog and National Advert .

*Creation of online presence for these women with global patronage, implied  that anyone could locate their remote markets online.
*Google Listings to made their site more searchable on the internet
*Google maps made their store physical site easily traceable
*Google Analytics allowed monitoring and tracing of  site traffic. 
*Matching Mobile site then allowed for easy access on mobile phones
* Women were trained in small groups face to face by WITIN field workers.

Each Beneficiary’s business is fully represented on Google maps. This is Jennifer’s Pig Farm. Her website was . Even though the URL is broken; her business is still searchable, hence she still gets sales

Success Stories in 2012

Grassroots Women Empowerment Through ICT


Grassroots Women Empowerment Through ICT