WITIN’s community is transparent and membership is completely free. Women generally fall into any of the broad categories below:

  • Campus: Women From 1st year to PhD in higher institutions; getting more women to major in tech related careers, special interest groups bootcamps
  • Early-Career: Fresh and recent graduates with working experience of not more that 7 years
  • Returnees: Women returning back to the workforce after break in career . Returning programs
  • Incomers: Women joining tech workforce from non-tech related fields
  • Entrepreneurs: Women with start-ups and small businesses who are passionate about leveraging tech to scale and thrive
  • Seniors : Women founders, CEOs and C-Suite with at least 15 years working experience
  • Rural: Foster job creation and revenues in local communities for women and girls through WITIN programs
  • Volunteers and Interns: Women under 30 working with WITIN for free or for stipends to gain work experience and training
  • STEM Educators: School owners and teachers of STEM and related subjects.
  • Mid-Career: women who have moved from entry-level with 7-15 years working experience

(+Youths: Entrepreneurship and job opportunities for young people with focus on digital skills and small businesses)
(+Men: Our #HeforShe movement – Men supporting and advocating for women to succeed – )