Welcome to Women PRIDE Africa


The Women Pivoting Resilience In the Digital Economy in Africa (WomenPride.Africa) project equips women and girls to thrive in the digital economy  in Africa via three pivotal pillars:

  1. Meaningful Access and Adoption Advocacy
  2.  Urban-Rural Partnerships and Empowerment
  3. In-Demand Digital Skills Training

By end of 2025, this initiative would have economically empowered 100,000  Women and Girls in Nigeria and Africa at large.

We can only achieve this through partnerships, Support and Donations

Meaningful Access and Adoption Advocacy
  • Working closely with Telecom Regulators for Consumer Awareness Advocacy as well as engage stakeholders to influence relevant policies both locally and internationally.
  • Exploring Community Networks for connectivity silos.
  • Drive advocacy outreaches in hardest-to-connect areas for adoption and adaptation of rural and marginalized women and girls (especially those out-of-school via our network- see to the digital economy. 
Urban-Rural Partnerships  and empowerment

Leverages mutual urban-rural collaboration, driving local contents and services as well as accelerating adoption and adaptation of rural women to the digital economy. Providing digital literacy entrepreneurship, financial literacy/book-keeping, online safety trainings for women in rural and marginalized communities ; thus fostering entrepreneurship, job creation, food security and digital transformation . 

In-Demand Digital Skills

Advanced digital skill training for women and girls:

  • AI, ML, Robotics, AR/VR, 3D Printing
  • Web Development
  • UI/UX
  • Cybersecurity
  • Blockchain,
  • Local content creation
  • Coding
  • Hardware