WITIN Emerges “WSIS Prize 2022 Champion”

WITIN has emerged “WSIS Prize 2022 Champion”, a prestigious global UN recognition of our efforts and great works under WomenPRIDE.Africa  as WSIS Prizes 2022 runner-ups.  Out of 966 submitted projects, 360 were nominated for the Online Voting. More than 1.3 million votes  were casted and WITIN’s Project –  WomenPRIDE.Africa  was among the top five most voted in Category 11 AL C7 E-employment.

The WSIS Prizes 2022 is an exceptional international recognition of WSIS Stakeholders as Winners and Champions for their excellence
in supporting the implementation of WSIS outcomes, in particular WSIS Action Lines supporting achievement of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). It was developed in response to requests from the WSIS stakeholders to create an effective mechanism to evaluate projects and activities that leverage the power of information and communication technologies (ICTs) to advance sustainable development. Since inception, the contest of WSIS Prizes has attracted hundreds of thousands of stakeholders.  Read more