WITIN’s Outreach to Out-of-School Girls

We are excited to extend our STEM outreaches in digital literacy to vulnerable out-of-school girls in Northern Nigeria.
  1. Fewer female role models in STEM in Africa means fewer girls will embrace technology or even study STEM related careers in school. This calls for urgent action to groom more role models for sustainable gender equality pipeline – Support us to groom more female role models. 

  2. Vulnerable out-of-school girls especially those in marginalized communities are digitally excluded  and need urgent support to enable them participate safely in the digital economy and also return back to school – formal or informal. This requires  collective/ multistakholder efforts. The effect of this exclusion trickles down the entire GDP stream and calls for urgent action. You can help by adopting a rural/underserved community.

  3. Men are also powerful instruments to bringing more women and girls sustainably into the STEM ecosystem.  Men can donate to support this cause

Email us on info@witin.org on how you can support this cause

Rabiatu Yahaya is 16 but only attended primary school till basic basic 3. She dropped out of school due to rising insecurity, poverty and long distance of school to her home. She supports her parents by hawking peanut oil, powder and cake.. She is one of the 15 girls we reached last week via our WomenPRIDE.Africa STEM Outreach in digital literacy. Girls were taught how to safely conduct business online using simple tools like Whatsapp.

These girls, though out-of-school; are brilliant and willing to go back to school after going through basic digital literacy programs.